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«1902» Birth of Usher, the first and oldest division of the Group
José María del Río Usher, son of Rafael del Río and Marcela Usher, partners with Leopoldo España Castillo to start the business in a small workshop of sweet tablets and candies in the street of Guatemala, in the Historic Center of the City of Mexico.
«1920» Innovative production processes
The company needed to transform the wrapping and preparation systems for the Usher candy, so it left behind the traditional manual technique and implemented automated processes, beginning to manufacture the tubes of mints in tin.
«1950» Lithograph Krauss
This workshop, used to print pictures of topics of interest of the time in all Usher candy packages, would become the first stone of what would later be ERCUS PACKAGING, the group's graphic arts company.
The same year, Soconusco, a company of the Ercus Group, is born to process cocoa and its products.
«1958» Arrival to Mexico City
Usher inaugurates a new production plant in Azcapotzalco, which in turn integrated new products.

The same year, the family España begins to conduct the business.
«2009» Birth of Grupo Ercus
With the beginning of the new millennium and with the need to renew processes and stay ahead, the new generation of leaders decided in November 2009 to reorganize the business and prepare for the challenges of the future by giving birth to Grupo Ercus, whose name Comes from a set of letters from the French word sucre (sugar in Spanish).
«2010» Birth of Ercus Packaging
Now Ercus Packaging is a Graphic Arts company specializing in Next Generation Digital Printing, based on a strategic and commercial alliance with Hewlett Packard. The predecessor of this company was Krauss Lithograph, founded in 1950.

The Ercus Group grows its influence in the world.

The Group begins to export to Germany, Australia and several countries.
«2012» Ercus Foundation
It was born as a philanthropic body in charge of building alliances with universities, government and the private sector to have a real, transcendent and disruptive impact on rural communities.
«2014» Ercus Packaging imposes record of digital printing
The company performs the world's largest digital printing job. It printed 650 million personalized labels with more than 344 different names for the world's largest soft drink brand.
«2015» Ercus Alimentos is consolidated as a world-class manufacturer
Ercus Alimentos continues the expansion of its brands in the United States as it becomes a strategic partner of the largest candy company in the United States for the manufacture of licorice.

Ercus Alimentos launches its new Licorice brand "Bongos" delighting Mexican and Hispanic consumers in the United States with the world's first liquor enchilado.

We know about candy

More than 100 years of experience producing and marketing more than 100 products, including:


Licorice (Candy Soft)


We are pioneers and leaders in developing and manufacturing candy, organic, sugar free and functional.

Find out what we can do for you.

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We are experts in digital printing of packaging

At Ercus Packaging we have the world record for the largest digital printing project in the world made in one place.


Discover how we can give you a competitive advantage with the latest technology in digital packaging printing.


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We develop innovative solutions for mexican agriculture

Not only do we transform raw materials like cocoa, coffee and avocado we also transform the lives of Mexican peasants with fair trade.


We collaborate with the IPN, SAGARPA, CONACYT and the TEC of Monterrey to develop solutions for Mexican agriculture.


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We are able to fulfill each of your wishes

Through Ercus Eventos we have the capacity to create productions nationally and internationally. We have the mission of seeking at all times to meet the needs of each of our customers.


Therefore, in all events where we are involved, we offer quality and value, with the intention of generating a return on investment to all companies and brands that trust us.


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Ercus Group in numbers
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kilometers of caramel
produced for Canelitas. Enough
to get from Earth to the Moon
millions of printed labels
by Ercus Packaging in a period not
greater than 4 months.
of Usher mints
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